Go By The Name Of Boo*. Im A2i-Addicted 2 Ink. Got Super Love For Tattoos! Im A Single Man, That Goes With The Flow! $$$ Is My Medicine...I'll Overdose On That shit ;). Music Takes Me To Another World! HighTimes With M.J.! My Flag Contains 5* Stars, Which Is Blue & White-Honduras/Honduran. Blow Candles Out On Feb. 1st! 90's Baby! Money , Power , & Respect!

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Today’s a special day, but it’s neither of our birthdays. Today marks a year that you and I have been together and let me tell you I wouldn’t replace you for anyone else! You’ve been there for me since the get go and haven’t left my side. You’ve supported me, stuck with me through some hard times, and helped me better myself. Who would’ve known you and I would’ve made #US happen, especially us coming from different states lol. That’s what I call #MilesOfLove & #LoveInMiles! Happy #1YearAnniversary Baby, I love you!πŸ’œ #WCE
My pride and joy. You deserved the world but I know I can’t give it to you so instead I give you the 2nd best thing, #MyWorldπŸ˜˜πŸ’œ
My pride and joy πŸ’œ My #WCE!
WARNING - I am who I am, your approval isn’t needed. #Power & #Respect
Heart shaped.πŸ’œ #WCE
She wanted the beach so I gave her the beach.β˜€οΈ
What’s on my feet? #LilPennyPosite #Nike #SneakerHead
Time is money.
Everything’s all good. #finesse
It was a day at #SixFlags with my Woman!😎🎒
Still got ways to go, but I can say I’m much happier with myself. #2Times #StayFit #LookGoodFeelGood #Consistency
Beauty and The Beast. #LoyalToOne #WeBeLike #WCE #Mesmerized #WCW
"I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?"πŸ˜—, my #WCW, #WCE
And who would’ve known though…πŸ’œ #MyOtherHalf #MyQueenB
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